iOS 7

iOS 7 Beta 3 – More Polished But…

I have been playing with iOS 7 beta on my iPhone 4S for a while now and quite convinced that I will upgrade once it is released. There are many things to like about the new iOS 7 especially with the new shortcuts to certain apps or functions like calculator or flashlight, and the fancy transitions of switching around apps. It feels different but not overwhelming.

PIC Grant & Bonus Benefits – Boost Your Business Productivity

If you own a business but haven’t heard of the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) by IRAS Singapore, then you are missing out on a lot. In the budget report for 2013, the following was announced:

“Businesses that spend a minimum of $5,000 in PIC activities in a year will receive a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus. The bonus will be up to $15,000 over 3 Years of Assessment (YA2013 to YA2015). It will be paid over and above the existing PIC benefits, and is expected to cost $450 million over 3 years.”

Love Education, Hate Result-Driven Schools

I like the raw style of this video, no holds barred speech but I know it will definitely spark some hate after watching it because some folks will misunderstand it as a video promoting dropouts and failing. After watching the video a few times with subtitles, the words in my opinion does not imply that. It does however indicate that the result-driven education systems are broken. Most of it is true unfortunately, that we make very practical use of what we have studied and we do it because we are being misled to believe what our motivations and rewards for studying are.

I believe true education must evolve from self-discovery, meaning to say one has to understand and believe his/her purpose in here and what he or she does benefits the good of the society. It is only possible by believing in oneself’s ability and purpose that he or she will be inspired and motivated to learn and experience without losing faith. Rewards and results should have the least priority in education because in all honesty they usually attract the wrong motivations later in life.

Don’t hate the video, learn to understand it from another perspective and perhaps it will change your life, for the better.

iOS 7 vs MIUI v5

Jonathan Ive recently mentioned about bringing a flater design to iOS 7 and there will be no more gloss or shine on the icons. Honestly I really liked the idea of that and can’t wait for iOS 7 update but lately there has been a lot of activity in China’s mobile industry and I can’t help but wonder if iOS 7 will look vastly similar or even lacklustre than the already very popular MIUI.

Hosting Redundancies + Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term often misunderstood or confused, simply because it isn’t a real technical term. It is coined as a movement but not as an actual technology, the reason is there are many ways cloud can actually exist, the most ambiguous examples are network infrastructure clouds vs actual server clouds. Not going to dive too deep into the technicalities, true cloud solutions actually existed way before the term came about, except we were calling it redundancies.

Envato + ThemeForest


Envato is the owner of ThemeForest, an online marketplace for website themes including many of which we use for ourselves and our customers. One of the most popular categories is undoubtedly WordPress but we also love the concept of the site, gathering professional theme designers from all over the world to create beautiful work. As you might have notice by now, our very own website is based on one of the themes found in ThemeForest as well.

The State Of Web Design Now…


2013. This year HOWORKS isn’t the same old. Times have changed and we can’t stay stagnant. The state of web design industry has transformed so much, so much that it has become a lot more exciting. We no longer call ourselves web designers, perhaps a bad alias would be the middleman or agency. But we are different, we see a problem and we want to solve it. The web, however is still a mess; we see failed projects, uncompleted websites, badly designed and pure html static sites, broken links and broken pages.

Pixel Press Game – Draw Your Own Game

PixelPress for iOS

I love this project. We all know how tough it is for app projects to be funded properly on Kickstarter, honestly I haven’t seen much. Pixel Press game is an interesting twist to the usual gaming styles on our mobile phone or tablet. How it works, from what I have seen through videos and images, is you simply draw the schematics and mechanics of the game level on a piece of paper and then use your phone or tablet to scan that very piece of paper and voila, you have just created your game level on Pixel Press.